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Go Brewing opening state’s first nonalcoholic, low-alcohol brewery in Naperville

Go Brewing is poised to open the state’s first non-alcoholic and low-alcohol brewery and taproom early next year in Naperville.

Naperville City Council members on Tuesday approved an increase in the number of liquor licenses for breweries from three to four, giving Go Brewing the opportunity to open a location on 1665 Quincy Ave. It’s a 7,000 square foot lot that has been occupied by 2 fools cider moving to another location.

“Good tasting beer brings people together, but traditionally the non-alcoholic and low-alcohol alternatives haven’t tasted very good,” Go Brewing’s chief brewer James Bigler said in a statement. “We focus on having a great tasting beer that enhances your experience with family or friends without worrying about the health and wellbeing effects of consuming an alcoholic product.”

According to Go Brewing’s concept plan, the expansion will begin in January with the expansion and reconfiguration of the current layout. The tasting room will open in March to ramp up production and sales to provide consumers with a healthier, tastier alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Go Brewing will begin with five non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers, including an IPA, lager, infusion, stout, and gluten-free option. Changing guest beers from neighboring breweries are offered in the taproom.

Local food trucks, live music, and wellness activities are also offered.

Joe Chura, Founder and CEO of Go Brewing, is equipping the site with an audiovisual studio to support his “Not Almost There” podcast, in which he will document the process of opening Go Brewing.

“Go Brewing will be the beer brand for people who love their beer but don’t like the aftereffects of drinking alcohol,” Chura said in a statement. “Our products will help consumers live their best, healthier lives by offering a great tasting alternative to higher alcohol beers.”

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