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Girls Volleyball Naperville North vs Metea Valley 10.19.2021

Metea Valley girls’ volleyball hosts Naperville North on Senior, where the Mustangs take the DVC regular season title. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

It’s a big night in Metea Valley for the girls’ volleyball team, and not just because it’s senior night for the Mustangs, but if they beat Naperville North they would take the DVC regular season title.

1 sentence

In the first set, the spike is blocked by Maura Pilafas on the net, but they get another chance when Regan Holmer prepares Kira Hutson for the smash that secures the point for Metea.

Emma bludges with the nice ditch to keep the ball in play for the Mustangs and Annabelle Troy taps it over. The Huskies set up their offensive and Natalie Corcoran sets them back for Leah Norris, who spices them up. After the distraction, Bludgen doesn’t join and North has an answer.

Later, the Libero Morgan Rank serves and when North returns, some misunderstandings between Corcoran and Kara Oxenknecht lead to an ace for the Metea Senior.

This was such a competitive set with both teams battling each other out. A terrific defense on the North Net that doesn’t allow the Mustangs to tip it on their side. Paige Lauterwasser crowns this defensive clinic by rejecting Troy’s attempt at killing. What a job with the huskies.

Ashley Kushner serves and Regan Holmer takes it upstairs to Maura Pilafas, who sends it home past the Northern Defense. We go back and forth.

Though the Mustangs find a way to squeeze out victory in the first set. Kira Hutson kills him by the back row. You win 25-22.

2nd movement

The second movement was a crucial one in favor of black and gold. Pilafas attacks the ball again after setting up the Holmer.

We’ve seen this tip from Holmer before, but this time Ashley Kushner goes down to dig it up and then gets up to shoot him over the net. Great hustle and bustle there but Kira Hutson can’t be denied as she hits it right on the huskie defenders.

Kushner was so active on this set that at times it was like there were six of her there for North. After being blocked from trying to spike, she comes back and types it off the net to add a point to visitors.

It was a brave effort by the huskies, but the mustangs are once again too much for them. Morgan Rank with a solid ditch, Annabelle Troy finished the point and Metea Valley is the straight line winner. The team took the DVC title in the regular season and expanded its program record for victories to 32.

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