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Football DeKalb vs Naperville Central 10.08.2021

Naperville Central football returns home to face DeKalb, where the Redhawks dominate the barbs. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

After being out of Memorial Stadium for a month, Naperville Central Football returns home to a streak of two games after losing to Neuqua Valley and Naperville North. The Hawks compete against a DeKalb team that comes into the game at 2-4 and is still fighting for their playoff life.

1st quarter

Opening trip for the Hawks looks promising. Owen Prucha falls back to the pass and finds Tristen Hall juggling the ball but coming with it for a big win of 39 yards.

The first drive ends with this one-yard touchdown from Tyler Dodd. For the second time this season, Central will meet in the opening game. 7-0.

Time for the barbs to react on their first ride. Adrien McVicar throws the ball to a wide open Talen Tate who makes a big cut that takes 30 yards on the game. This puts DeKalb in the red.

Can the barbs pound it in? You can as McVicar keeps it himself and it comes in for the score that ties the game at seven.

Central drives again. Prucha rolls out and finds Reggie Fleurima for a 25 yard TD. You take the lead at 14-7.

We’re still in the first quarter and the points are advancing. DeKalbs Jamari Brown bursts through the middle of defense and blows past everyone for the 52-yard touchdown run.

In the middle of the ball and Prucha finds Tristen Hall putting the defenders on ice skates as he picks up 28 yards on the field and brings them close to the red zone.

2nd quarter

First game of the second quarter and Prucha rolls out to find Luke Roy for a 23 yard score. Redhawks are back in front with a touchdown.

10 point game and the defense is ready to leap. Ethan Pytlak flashes and defeats McVicar for a huge loss.

Hawks drive before half when Prucha finds Hall to put 20 yards on the game. The QB then hits it on the next turn, giving the Red-Whites a 31-14 lead towards the break.

3rd quarter

2nd half and the central D is playing. Ty Randle picks up McVicar and he has a convoy. He can’t find the end zone, but the Hawks are at the door.

Prucha hits it for his fourth touchdown in the game and that helps Naperville Central score a huge 48:20 win.

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