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Filly sweep Evanston, Green River | Sports

Cody’s volleyball team improved to 19-4 over the weekend after defeating Evanston and Green River.

The Fillies came out strong against the Lady Devils on Friday and never fell behind in the first set. After Evanston was up to six points ahead, he returned twice before a tip from Lake Harrison led to 15:14. From there, Cody went on a 6-1 run that included an ace from Alora Nunn and a kill from Autumn Wilson to make it 21-15. Kills from Wilson and Ava Meier and an ace from Meier helped the Fillies to win 25:20.

Cody started slower in the second game and was quickly 8-3 behind. The Fillies, however, scored the next six in a run that included kills from Kennedi Niemann and Wilson to take a 9-8 lead.

Tied at 9 and 10, Cody began to gradually retreat after several mistakes by the Lady Devils. Meier’s back-to-back kills made it 18-13. With five points, Evanston scored five in a row to draw within two before Cody finished the run. A kill from Kennedi Niemann and a hitting error from Evanston ended the set with a 25-20 win for Cody.

While setter Molly Hays continued to mess up Cody’s offensive, the Fillies kept Evanston off balance in the third set. Kennedi Niemann, Autumn Wilson, Lake Harrison, and Hays himself all had early kills and were led by up to seven. Cody pulled further, taking the lead with a 6-3 run to lead 20-10. Meier, Wilson and Kennedi Niemann’s kills put the game away when Cody won 25:14.

Cody saw strong serves from many of his players during the game, including Victory Buck, Kennedi and Reece Niemann, Molly Hays and Ava Meier.

After playing such a solid match on Friday, the Fillies had a bit of a disappointment against Green River on Saturday but still won three.

It was a decent start, Cody, as he was at six at the start of the first game. The Fillies continued to rattle off points and took advantage of some hitter errors from Lady Wolves, an ace from Nunn and blocks from Reece Niemann and Izzy Radakovich to take the lead 23-9. A kill from Wilson set up the game point at 24-11, but Cody struggled to complete it and surrendered eight points to Green River before a kill from Reece Niemann made it 25-17.

The second set was consistently tighter, with the teams swapping leads early on. Cody had a couple of small runs and it looked like it was starting to peel off, but Green River held out and came to a point several times, including at 18-17. But then a couple of kills from Kennedi Niemann, net violation and tip from Harrison made it 23-17. A Green River hitting error and kill from Wilson gave Cody the 25-19 win.

The Fillies maintained a lead of about three points at the beginning of the third set before breaking away towards the middle of the set. 13-12, kills from Kennedi Niemann and Meier and an ace from Nunn marked the start of a 7-3 run for Cody. Cody won 25-18 at 22-16, a Harrison kill, Lady Wolves hitting error and another Harrison kill.

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