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Evanston City Council votes for removal of city-owned newsrack enclosures

City council voted on Monday evening to remove all remaining city newspaper shelves to reduce clutter in the pedestrian zones.

In order to be able to exhibit publications in public spaces, providers must now obtain permits for the installation of individual news racks in accordance with the City Code. Evanston installed city-owned racks in 2014 after 36 publications posted nearly 300 individual news racks across the city in 2012, according to a memo by Evanston Senior Project Manager Rajeev Dahal.

Dahal said these installations helped consolidate the kiosks, improve sidewalk accessibility, and reduce the clutter in his memo. However he is said most of the city’s 15 remaining newsracks were underutilized.

As of 2020, only six publications have applied for permission to use city shelves, he said, including The Daily. He added that the newsrack enclosures presented unsightly conditions overall. Dahal said they are often graffitied and filled with trash, and the city’s public works Employees invest additional time and resources in maintenance.

ald. Jonathan Nieuwsma (4th) requests that the ordinance be passed with the approval of the city council on Monday evening.

City council officials recommended that city council store the newspaper rack enclosures for future use in the event that permit requests increase.

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