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The property at 1224 Washington St. (Cook County Assessor)

Land Use Commission delays decision on music studio. The owner of a music studio in Evanston is weighing his options after the city’s land use commission delivered a ruling on a derogation he needs to keep his studio open.

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The week in photos: January 10 – January 17. Check out this photo of Daniel Timbie ready to surf in 20 degree weather.

I don’t feel safe with my close friends. Dear Gabby, my best friend loves to talk about our mutual friends. I have to admit that she is funny and sarcastic. It’s entertaining and strangely bonding for us, so of course I’m a part of it to some degree. But here’s the thing: I know she needs to talk to you about me.

ETHS Boys Basketball: Defense Delivers for Kits in Neighborhood Matchup. The Wildkits ended a two-game losing streak by defeating the Loyola Ramblers 52-38.

The great love story of music is the focus of the February concert. In the month in which we celebrate Romanticism, Rembrandt’s chamber musicians will perform works by Clara and Robert Schumann in ‘Schumann’s Fairy Tales’, a program highlighting their storied love story.

Evanston Chamber partners with the Latinx business community to offer leadership events. The Evanston Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Latinx Leadership Business Development event on Wednesday, January 19 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. via Zoom.

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Evanston Latinos works to spread COVID information, promote equity and inclusion for the local Latinx community. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Evanston officials did not release much medical and regulatory information in Spanish.

Illinois’ new law increases the number of low-income families eligible for housing benefits. More Illinois families can now qualify for housing benefits following the passage of Illinois House Bill 648, which went into effect on January 1.

COVID update: Omicron may be peaking in parts of the US, but hospitals are still strained. There is still no guarantee that the population will build up enough natural immunity to make the virus a common part of everyday life. Several cruise lines are canceling trips because of the variant.

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