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Differences in how people react to homicides in Chicago vs a wealthy suburb

The recent mass shooting in Highland Park only reminds us how different gun violence and homicides are viewed, discussed and perceived in the public and mainstream news media when compared to the greater and everyday violence that consumes Chicago and Cook County. A lot of it has to do with racism. Racism against Blacks and racism against Whites. One day we will address crime for what it is rather than as an issue for partisan political exploitation

By Ray Hanania

Among the many principles that the tragic murders on July 4th of seven people in Highland Park demonstrate, it is that homicides are perceived differently and depends on a wide range of factors that include race, politics and issues.

The after-response in the Highland Park massacre focused on the need for greater gun control and the harshest possible punishment for the suspects.

But, when mass murders take place in a collective manner, as they do every week in the crime-plagued city of Chicago, the issue is more about race, police and protecting the offenders.

Maybe we should pause to define this homicide phenomena.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on UnsplashPhoto by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

When one person kills many, it’s a mass shooting. The question always becomes “How did the killer get his gun?”

When many people are killed by one or more suspects over a period of several days, the definitions are blurred and instead the focus shifts to the police and their actions.

During the 4th of July weekend in Highland Park, seven people were killed at a parade and at least 30 people were injured.

In Chicago, over the same 4th weekend of July, eight people were shot and killed and 68 were injured.

Not much was reported about the Chicago murders and violence, and there was much to report. One of the Chicago victims was only 4 years old.

Is the difference about race? Race plays a big factor in how homicides are covered. When a Black street gang member is shot refusing to surrender his weapon to police, often while they are on drugs, the police are blamed. Media coverage portrays the victim in a photo, usually in his graduation cap and gown.

But we don’t really read much more about them, and few people tend to ask why the parents were not more involved in the killings.

In the case of the Highland Park shooting, the killer was white.

In the Uvalde shooting in Texas where 19 children and two teachers lost their lives, the shooter, Salvador Ramos, was Hispanic.

The community response is also a factor. I don’t know why Chicago residents in communities where violence is an everyday occurrence, don’t do more to stop the violence.

They don’t speak out against the shooters as vociferously as the residents of the far wealthier Highland Park community is doing.

The response in Chicago usually involved activists protesting against how the police handle the shootings of gangbangers there. But no one points a finger at the responsibility of parents, or, more often the case single parent, usually a mother.

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(Ray Hanania is an award winning former Chicago City Hall reporter. A political analyst and CEO of Urban Strategies Group, Hanania’s opinion columns on mainstream issues are published in the Southwest News Newspaper Group in the Des Plaines Valley News, Southwest News-Herald, The Regional News, The Reporter Newspapers. His Middle East columns are published in the Arab News. For more information on Ray Hanania visit www.Hanania.com or email him at [email protected])


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Ray Hanania Ray Hanania is an award-winning columnist, author & former Chicago City Hall reporter (1977-1992). A veteran who served during the Vietnam War and the recipient of four SPJ Peter Lisagor Awards for column writing, Hanania writes weekly opinion columns on mainstream American & Chicagoland topics for the Southwest News-Herald, Des Plaines Valley News, the Regional News, The Reporter Newspapers, and Suburban Chicagoland.

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