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Darren Bailey accused of using Chicago trauma for political gain

Darren Bailey accused of using trauma for political gain

Chicago protesters are calling some traumatizing political ads.

Chicago protesters are calling some traumatizing political ads.

A group of protesters gathered Thursday outside the John Hancock building — the temporary home of state senator and GOP gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.

The group wants some of the campaign ads that Bailey stands behind to be pulled from the airwaves, saying they racially profile Black and brown people in the city.


Purpose Over Pain is a group of parents who lost their children because of Chicago violence. They believe Bailey’s campaign ads are re-traumatizing.

“Darren Bailey said that this is a hellhole, so if this a hellhole then why the hell are you here in Chicago?” said Pamela Bosley of Purpose Over Pain.

“Stop running and condoning comments and commercials that continue racist stereotyping of the Black and brown communities. We are divided enough in Chicago. There’s enough racism in Chicago. We don’t need you to stereotype Black and brown folk with the violence in Chicago running your commercials,” said Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church.

FOX 32 Chicago reached out to Bailey’s campaign for comment, but so far haven’t heard back.

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