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D203 needs to make electric school buses a priority; Pride Fest lauded for being a positive, accepting event; good sportsmanship makes Naperville youth leagues fun for all – Chicago Tribune

As the youth athletic leagues begin, involving thousands of kids in the Naperville area, the Naperville Park District wants to remind everyone of the importance of being a good sport. This includes coaches, referees, players, parents and spectators.

Good sportsmanship has always been foundational to the park district’s sports programs, whether recreational or competitive. We need to get back to being encouraging and respectful of everyone and viewing competitions as fun and exciting opportunities to learn and grow, not just as athletes, but as individuals, community members and neighbors.

We are proud to provide athletic leagues for approximately 13,000 youth participants each year and are grateful to more than 2,600 parents who serve as team coaches. With such a large number of families in Naperville participating in park district sports, we have an opportunity to make practices and games positive learning experiences for our kids, remembering that good sportsmanship depends on all of us.

Brad Wilson, Executive Director

Naperville Park District

In January of this year, Illinois provided funding for the Electric School Bus Initiative.

Electric school buses contribute meaningfully to health, climate change and social equity, among other things. For example, diesel school bus fumes can negatively affect students’ health through asthma and impaired cognitive functioning.

Illinois trails far behind the top states in terms of electric bus usage, according to the World Resources Institute.

I think that Naperville School District 203, which strives for world class results, would want to lead the way in transitioning to transportation with so many benefits for our students, especially one for which state funds are available to defray costs.

I urge District 203 to work with the Illinois legislature to increase funding to bring electric school buses to Naperville.

Steven E. Shamrock, Naperville

Thank you, Naper Pride, city of Naperville, Naper Settlement and sponsors, for producing Pride Fest on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Few experiences these days are even somewhat positive, let alone resoundingly so for everyone. It was so great to see people of all ages and identities dressing and behaving as they wished because they felt safe and accepted. Another joy for me was seeing parents with their LGBTQ+ offspring.

That acceptance and safety is relatively exceptional in our lives. While speaking to someone I met there, I observed there was probably a very high percentage of people in attendance who have experienced suicidal thoughts for not being accepted at some time in their lives, higher than the general population. Certainly almost everyone has experienced bullying for their dress, behavior and identity.

Thanks again! I look forward to next year.

Rev Tom Craighead, Naperville

Naperville Sun


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It would seem that congrats are in order to the Naperville City Council for their near-unanimous vote banning the sale of most assault weapons.

With their courageous opposition to the NRA (and their army of lobbyists in Washington), the fourth largest city in Illinois has now created a template for other communities to follow.

And just as Gen. Douglas MacArthur took one island at a time to ultimately gain World War II victory in the Pacific, it’s going to take more progressive cities like Naperville in the future to break the deadlock in Congress over assault weapons.

Naperville has good reason to take pride in leading the way in moral leadership, if not common sense.

Bob Ory, Elgin

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