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Cops find teen passed out in park with gun

Evanston police say a 17-year-old youth has been referred to juvenile court for unlawful use of a weapon after he was found passed out in the Clyde and Brummel dead lot.

Cmdr. Ryan Glew says that when officers arrived at the 8th Ward park about 10:45 am Monday the juvenile appeared to be intoxicated and was unresponsive to the officers’ attempts to wake him.

While attempting to learn his identity, officers searched a Jewel-Osco bag that appeared to be in his possession and found a loaded 357 handgun inside.

Once Evanston Fire Department paramedics arrived on the scene the juvenile became alert and was able to identify himself.

The juvenile was transported to Amita St. Francis Hospital for treatment and then to the police detective bureau where further investigation led to the juvenile court referral.

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