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Cook County Asked About Burr Ridge Snub

BURR RIDGE, IL – Cook County has been working with Burr Ridge on a planned improvement on 79th Street, a county spokesman said Thursday.

The previous week, village officials said they planned to put up pedestrian signs on 79th Street, a county road, without seeking the county’s approval first.

Village officials said during a meeting that they wanted to protect pedestrians at a crosswalk on 79th from the Burr Oaks Glen subdivision.

“If the county has a beef with it, so be it,” Village Administrator Evan Walter said.

Mayor Gary Grasso agreed.

“I think the plan for what we’re going to do is just kind of inform the county that’s what we’re going to do and don’t ask for their permission,” the mayor said. “We’ll ask for their forgiveness if they want to yell about it.”

Afterward, Patch contacted the county’s Department of Transportation for a response.

Spokeswoman Brittany Hill said the department and village were cooperating on the project.

“As part of this upcoming project, (the department) received a request from the village to evaluate the addition of pedestrian crossing signs at 79th Street and Woodside Drive,” she said in an email. “The County evaluated and approved the installation of pedestrian signs at that intersection, as well as advance warning signs in each direction. Installation is scheduled to be completed by the end of next week.”

She did not respond to village officials’ statements indicating they would not seek approval.

Walter and Grasso did not return messages for comment on Thursday.

Village officials spoke about signs alerting drivers to the crossing because of near-misses and at least one pedestrian hit.

Patch published a story last week about the issue.

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