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Cook Co. man charged with murder in death of infant daughter ordered held without bond |

OAK LAWN — An Oak Lawn man, apparently frustrated that his 8-week-old daughter would not settle down after giving her a bottle and trying to rock her to sleep, slammed the baby on her back several times against a couch cushion, causing injuries that resulted in her death, according to a court document.

Edward Janiszewski, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Adaline Janiszewski, later told Oak Lawn police that the only thing worse he could have done “was to strangle her until she’s dead,” according to the document, read at Janiszewski’s bond hearing Thursday.

Janiszewski, of the 10100 block of South Minnick Avenue, was ordered held without bond at the hearing at the Bridgeview courthouse and is next due to appear in court July 1, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

The baby’s death Sunday morning at Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn had followed earlier visits late last month to the hospital, where the infant was examined for gastrointestinal problems, according to the court proffer.

Janiszewski, who lived at the home with his wife and two other children, told Oak Lawn investigators that he said “why can’t you just go to sleep” while slamming the child against the cushion in the basement of their home, according to the document.

Injuries to the child included a subdural hematoma, or bleeding on the surface of the brain, along with fractures at the base of the skull and bleeding in the eyes, according to the document.

Prior to the baby’s death, Janiszewski had initially been charged with aggravated battery to a child after Oak Lawn police said he admitted to investigators that he had shaken the child and slammed her head against a cushion.

He was released after posting bond following an initial court appearance Saturday, then taken back into custody Wednesday and charged with murder following an autopsy by the Cook County medical examiner’s office that determined the baby’s death was a homicide.

If found guilty, Janiszewski faces a prison term of 20 to 60 years, according to the court document.

Police said they responded to the hospital June 2 for a report of an infant with severe head and brain trauma, and police learned the child had initially been seen May 27 with what was thought to be a stomach ailment and dehydration.

Police said the child was brought back to the hospital May 30 and was unresponsive, with an examination showing head and brain trauma consistent with the baby being shake.

Janiszewski had been watching the infant in the basement of his Oak Lawn home during the evening of May 29 into the morning of May 30, and, during lengthy questioning by police on June 2, told them he had given Adaline a bottle at about 11 pm May 29

When the infant didn’t settle down and fall asleep, Janiszewski walked around with her and rocked her, then tried laying on the ground next to her before picking the child up and slamming her against the cushion, according to the court document.

On May 31, the day after he and the child’s mother went to the hospital with the infant, they were confronted by medical staff with examination results indicating extensive injuries to the child’s head and eyes that were consistent with abuse, according to the document.

Janiszewski “fabricated a story” that he had dropped the infant, and the child’s mother said the baby had fallen from a height of about four or five feet onto the floor of their basement, but the examination showed the child’s injuries would not have been caused by such a fall, according to the document.

During the June 2 questioning by Oak Lawn investigators, Janiszewski told them that after slamming the infant against the cushion, the baby let out a scared cry then was silent, according to the proffer.

Police said that Janiszewski, while in custody, phoned his mother and in the recorded conversation implicated himself, according to the document.

In asking that Janiszewski be held without bond, prosecutors said that if he “killed his own baby, the community safety is definitely at risk.”

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