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Conde Nast readers again vote Chicago Best Big City in the US

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago is celebrating Tuesday morning.

According to the city, tourism and business travel are picking back up.

“We really have felt the energy coming back,” said Lynn Osmond, with Choose Chicago.

Chicago was chosen once again as No. 1 Best Big City in the US by 240,000 Conde Nast readers.

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“One of the things they quoted was the hospitality of Chicago, so I think it really looks well on our hospitality workers and our residents because they are welcoming and Conde Nast travelers really took that in,” Osmond said.

This summer visitors came back in droves, driving up hotel demand. In June, July and August alone, the demand exceeded 3 million room nights.

“We’re almost 90% at 2019 levels, and we have to think that 2019 was a record year, and we’ve never had numbers like that before, so we’re 90% of that,” Osmond said.

The good news continues, as more and more conventions are booking in the city, too, bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors back to Chicago.

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