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Community welcome to join Naperville Sister Cities and local organizations to raise funds for medical aid for Ukrainian refugees

Above / Ukrainian forces received medical equipment from US to care for women and children fleeing their country. Naperville Sister Cities Commission is spearheading local fundraising to support the effort. (Photo courtesy Deb Newman)

The Naperville Sister Cities Commission welcomes the community to join its efforts to raise funds to provide desperately needed medical supplies and equipment to Ukrainian refugees. Nitra, Slovakia, one of Naperville’s Sister Cities, is located on the border of Ukraine.

“Members of Naperville’s Sister Cities Commission have been watching the ongoing military invasion in Ukraine with the same shock and helplessness as many in Naperville and around the globe,” said Naperville City Councilwoman Patty Gustin, who serves as Council Representative to the Commission. “As this ongoing humanitarian crisis evolves, we know one thing will remain in the coming days and week-displaced Ukrainians need our assistance.”

Sister Cities Commissioner Peter Foyo also serves as an Honorary Counsel of Ukraine and is working closely with other business owners contracting planes to transport refugees from Poland to Madrid, Spain, where those in recovery are receiving temporary shelter and care. All donations raised will be used to purchase portable medical equipment and supplies urgently needed to provide them care.

Throughout Naperville, folks are raising awareness of needs in Ukraine where blue symbolizes calm and yellow symbolizes joy. (PN Photo)

All donations, small or large, welcome

To make a secure donation via credit or debit card, visit http://helpdisplacedukrainians.com.

“The needs of the people fleeing for their lives are enormous. Our hope is to show Naperville’s compassion and the power of resolve and cooperation as we support those forced from their homeland,” noted Foyo, who has family and friends in Ukraine. “This is a testament to community, health care providers, nonprofits and business working together to make a difference in caring for these refugees. I’m so very grateful.”

Sister Cities Commission since 1993

The Sister Cities Commission creates a greater understanding of and fosters a lasting friendship between the people of Naperville and its sister cities: Nitra, Slovakia; Cancun, Mexico; and Patzcuaro, Mexico. The commission supports the goals of the Sister Cities Program including creating opportunities for cultural exploration; providing economic development and trade opportunities; opening a dialogue that addresses mutual issues; and developing partnerships through which we can creatively learn, work and solve problems together.

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