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College planning companies merge

NAPERVILLE — Two companies that advise and assist families in their quest to find an affordable path to college — Naperville’s My College Planning Team and TuitionFit — have joined forces to provide powerful tools and services to help parents navigate the college selection process and reduce the cost of attendance.

Jack Schacht, founder and CEO of My College Planning Team (MCPT), and Mark Salisbury, co-founder and CEO of TuitionFit, announced their partnership.

“My College Planning Team is one of the largest college and financial aid consulting companies in the US and Mark is a national expert on college pricing,” Schacht said. “We are enthusiastic about our partnership because TuitionFit is bringing full transparency to college pricing. They enable families to find out what other students, with the same expected family contribution and academic profile, are receiving at the same or similar schools to which they are applying .”

For his part, Salisbury praised MCPT for its comprehensive approach to college planning — not just financial counseling, but also academic preparation and tips on finding the right college “fit.”

“Jack and his team of more than 50 college professionals are committed to providing free and affordable services to middle-income families struggling to pay for college,” he said. “The missions of our two companies complement each other beautifully. I’m truly excited about our partnership.”

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