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City by City: Cook County, Bessemer, Cohasset

Cook County, MN- Earlier this week the County Road 45 Pike Lake Road Reconstruction project began and it’s expected to run through September. The closure will impact Country Road 44 to County Road 7 and Cascade River west to Babineau Corner. The work will reconstruct certain gravel roads, fix ditches, as well as realign roads for better sight lines. Cook County is expecting several more construction projects this summer.

Bessemer, MI- Downtown road work begins Tuesday, May 31. The project will add a left turn lane, improve the storm sewer and replace water main lines. Detours this summer include US-2 going down to one lane traffic with alternate streets being used depending on it crew are working on eastbound or westbound lanes. The project is expected to support over 120 jobs.

Cohasset, MN- The city has plans for a large redevelopment project. The Cohasset Lumber Mill site is located along the Mississippi River and the city is planning to redevelop it into a themed village. They would include retail space, residential cabins, athletic spaces and more! It would also feature over 1,600 feet of shoreline to enjoy. The 47-acre project is currently in the environmental review phase meaning the public can comment on their current concerns or support for the plan.

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