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‘Chicago the Musical’ Singer Christina Wells Proves It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream – NBC Chicago

In the national tour of Chicago the Musical, which returned to its namesake city at CIBC Theatre, “America’s Got Talent” finalist and former nurse Christina Wells plays Matron “Mama” Morton, and Logan Floyd plays Velma Kelly.

While the two were doing scene work in rehearsal one day, Wells shared what Floyd told her: “‘Velma and Mama meet each other where they operate,'” Wells recalled. “And I think that’s a perfect example of our two characters.”

In real life, the two have become best friends. They sit next to each other on the “Chicago” tour bus and share a dressing room.

“We understand each other,” Wells explained. “When we have a great scene, we’re like ‘oh yeah,’ and when we have a not so great scene we’re like ‘oh yeah.’”

That’s huge when you spend months traveling around the country. And especially for Wells, who doesn’t have a long resume with acting experience.

“Logan doesn’t ever say like … ‘Um where did you study, where were you trained.’ I’m like, ‘I could teach you CPR,’ hahah,” Wells said.

“There’s just so much to discuss and talk about,” Floyd agreed. “And I think that started to create a really magical relationship.”

In 2018, beyond her wildest dreams, Wells appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and made it to the Top 15 finals. She waited until her 40s to pursue her dream and started small in a community theater for 150 people.

“And then I sang it for 11 million live on television,” she said. “Like … come on. Like just believe.”

When she was younger, Wells said a lot of people told her she was too fat to be a singer. So, she was shocked when the “America’s Got Talent” producers, who saw her preliminary audition, called her back.

“I’m older and fatter; there’s no way that now it’s gonna happen suddenly,” she said. “When they called me, they were like, ‘we’d like you to come back and audition for the celebrity judges.’ I laughed, I laughed, I laughed.”

Then, during the televised audition, Simon Cowell was one of her biggest cheerleaders.

“I joke that I have his stamp of approval right here on this hip,” Wells said. “He said I was a singer and that it shouldn’t matter what I weigh and for people to see my talent.”

And now she’s a full-time professional singer. “I think that we need to remember that opportunity and talent are not owned by the young.”

“Chicago the Musical” runs through Sunday at the CIBC Theatre.

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