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Chicago street racing: Video shows stunt drivers take over empty Avondale parking lot

CHICAGO (WLS) — Residents of a Northwest Side neighborhood said they are fed up with street racing happening in their area. This, after one of them recorded stunt drivers taking over an open parking lot.

It’s a scene straight out of Fast and the Furious, as engines roared in an empty Planet Fitness parking lot at Belmont and Pulaski around midnight Friday.

Now, Avondale neighbors are in an uproar, saying it’s not the first time either.

The reckless scene was recorded by a nearby neighbor who shared the video with ABC7 anonymously.

The video shows the cars performing illegal and dangerous stunts.

Avondale neighbors are in disbelief after seeing the video themselves.

“That’s crazy,” one neighbor said.

“I have seen this happen in the summer, but nothing like what I just saw. This is not okay,” added Barrie Newman.

Newman has called Avondale home for nearly 17 years and said enough is enough.

“Somebody is going to get hurt. This is very dangerous behavior and I would like the people to please stop,” she said.

“I could see kind of like steam or smoke in the distance and I was like, ‘What is that?’ And I opened my door and it was burning rubber,” another Avondale resident said.

ABC7 spoke with another neighbor anonymously, who said the chaotic scene was over in a matter of minutes.

“You saw people lining up along Pulaski, parking like more and more and then all of a sudden a stream of kids just sprinted to cars and they were gone,” they said.

Alderman Felix Cardona Jr., 31st Ward, said these drivers need to understand how dangerous drifting is.

“If they lose control, they are going to end up hitting the fence. They might go into the Planet Fitness, they might hit the other fence and go into the main street. There’s all these things that could happen,” Ald. Cardona said.

The illegal stunt show comes six months after the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance hoping to crack down on street racing and drifting by threatening to impound vehicles involved.

“The police is trying really hard and us as city council members are trying to do the right thing and not have this be done in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and so forth,” Ald. Cardona said.

Chicago police said officers responded to the scene but no arrests were made.

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