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Chicago Mom Hilariously Turns to Video Game For Help When Daughter Ignores Phone Call – NBC Chicago

When Chariel “Cha Cha” Watson needed to get ahold of her 11-year-old daughter, but the young girl wasn’t answering her phone, the single mother knew exactly what to do — and she’s going viral for her creative move.

Watson simply needed the lasagna taken out of the freezer, but with her daughter Miracle not taking her calls, she resorted to another platform she’s now learned well.

Watson and her 11-year-old daughter Miracle Golden love to play Roblox together. Watson says it’s a great way to bond with her pre-teen.

“Being a single parent, I know she’s on Roblox a lot, so I just joined her world to be able to spend that quality time with her,” said Watson.

And to her surprise, she actually enjoys it quite a bit.

“I’m addicted now,” she said.

The two, from Chicago’s South Side, have been exploring the online game platform for well over a year, but it proved to be especially useful for more than just entertainment.

“I was calling her phone, and she wasn’t picking up, so of course I knew where to find her. On Roblox, because she’s always on Roblox,” said Watson.

She jumped on the game and was immediately able to track her daughter down.

“When you’re friends with someone on Roblox you can actually see where they’re at on the game, under their name. So, I knew she was on Berry Avenue,” Watson said.

Berry Avenue is an experience within the Roblox platform.

Watson used her avatar to get in Miracle’s virtual car and share in the chat a now viral demand.

“She was like, ‘You see me calling you,'” said Miracle. “And when I started driving, she was like, ‘Go take the lasagna out of the freezer and the garlic bread, so I can cook it.'”

“I was surprised. I knew I was in trouble,” said Miracle.

Watson shared the in-game dialogue on social media and was shocked by how quickly it went viral with thousands of likes, comments and shares.

“When my baby don’t answer the phone I pull up on ROBLOX,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of the conversation.

The post has even garnered attention from celebrities like Viola Davis.

“Where there’s a Mom, there’s a way,” Davis wrote in an Instagram post about Watson’s story.

Watson said she didn’t expect the attention her post would receive, but hopes it inspires other parents.

“I am surprised, but also I love it because I feel like I’m motivating parents to play the game, spend more time with their kids. It’s a way to spend quality time,” said Watson.

Miracle did reluctantly pause the game to do what she was asked. She’s not in “real” trouble but says she’s learned her lesson to never ignore mom’s call.

She also shared that her mom made the lasagna, and it was “delicious.”

Miracle says she loves that her mom plays the game with her and hopes more parents join their kids in gaming online.

“I think it’s cool,” Miracle said. “It’s really fun when she comes with.”

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