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Chicago Heights City Council Helps Local Businesses Stay Afloat and Get New Business – The Southland Journal

Chicago Heights City Council helps local businesses stay afloat and attract new businesses (Chicago Heights, IL) – The Chicago Heights City Council A number of ordinances were enacted on Wednesday evening to help city businesses stay open and attract new businesses to the city.

Morgan Li, a maker of bespoke home furnishings and furniture for the retail and hospitality industries, was first on the agenda. Morgan Li is a family run business and has been a fixture at 383 E. 16th St. in Chicago Heights for more than 70 years. The city approved the company’s application for a Cook County Class 6B (SERS) tax classification.

Jack Hynes, economic development advisor at Chicago Heights Economic Development Corporation, told the council that once the ordinance was approved, Morgan Li’s application would go to the Cook County Board for review. If approved, Morgan Li would see a county-level tax cut, but Chicago Heights would continue to receive its share to cover the cost of providing services such as police, fire, and water.

Morgan Li was named one of Crain’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Chicago for the third consecutive year in 2020.

The council then approved the renewal of a Cook County Class B tax classification for Food4Less, 1333 Western Avenue. Hynes told the council that if Food4Less didn’t get the renewal, its tax bill would increase by about 60 percent.

The council also approved three separate ordinances granting 60-day option contracts for city-owned real estate.

An option on property at 2116 State St. has been filed by 303 State Street, LLC. Hynes said 303 State Street has a good track record in the city and operates K&S Tire Recycling, Inc., which is becoming one of the largest in the area. Hynes said 303 State Street was in talks with Union Pacific Railroad about providing a railroad line to the site, and the railroad would be more willing to speak to the developer if it had a ownership interest in the land.

Grand Capital NA, LLC filed an option for the land at 560 and 570 W. 14. St. Mayor David Gonzales said a water pipe ran under one of the buildings there, and a break in the main meant that city workers were under the building to work on the pipes. Hynes said the developer would address this issue and pay to run the aqueduct.

Star Chamber Investment Group, LLC filed an option on the land at 711 W. 15th St. Hynes, saying Star Chamber held a craft cannabis license with the state of Illinois and is considering the location for a cannabis operation.

In his report to the city council, Les Swintek, director of city finances, informed the city council that the estimated tax levy for 2021, as required by law, will be made public before the December vote. He said the tax was zero percent.

Chicago Heights City Council helps local businesses stay afloat and attract new businesses

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