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Chicago airport trip, waiting for pickup in Midway, O’Hare for Thanksgiving weekend 2021; TSA reports passenger numbers

CHICAGO (WLS) – Sunday is expected to be the worst time to travel.

AAA said it anticipates a pandemic record will be set Sunday afternoon, with millions going home after Thanksgiving.

On Friday alone, 1.7 million travelers were screened at TSA checkpoints as authorities said they expect about 2.4 million people to travel through the air on Sunday.

People have noticed the increase in travel on their flights.

“We were lucky enough to get very early flights that looked like most people were trying to stay in bed, so we had no problems at all, but the plane was full,” said Mickey Shy, who is from . California flew back to Chicago.

Some came last night before the big rush.

“It was definitely a conscious decision not only to avoid the traffic, but price was certainly an important factor,” said Joseph Petrullo, who was flying back from New Jersey.

AAA said it assumes airports like Midway will see the worst on Sunday afternoons from around 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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