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Business for a Better World: Yujj


1700 Park Ave Suite 212, Naperville, IL 60563

(773) 986-0937


Industry: Technology

An interview with Amanda Adams, SVP Global Marketing, Yujj.

Q: Describe your company.

A: Yujj is a smart business card that makes networking easier than ever. With one tap on your phone, you can exchange information with a new contact or potential client. Information saves automatically so there is no need to carry a stack of business cards. Simply put, Yujj replaces traditional business cards and puts your contacts in the palm of your hand.

Q: Do you plan to hire any additional staff or make any significant capital investments in your company in the next year?

A: We are growing, We added to our team in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will continue to grow in 2023.

Q: What will your company’s main challenges be in the next year?

A: We are transforming the way people exchange information when they meet. Business cards have been the standard for decades (if not longer). We are revolutionizing the way someone presents themselves, whether to a new client or a new friend at a coffee shop. It is always challenging to change the way people do something. Change isn’t easy, but progress moves us into the next era.

Q: What’s the hottest trend in your industry?

A: The hottest trend in the industry is using smart business cards instead of traditional cards. There is no limit to the information you can share on your digital contact card. You can share the same basic information as you would with a traditional paper card, but this card can also include: calendar links, brochures, websites, social media links, YouTube videos, a link to your resume and more.

Q: Does climate change affect how your company does business?

A: Climate change affects how we all do business, and it is part of the reason we are so passionate about Yujj. As we all look for ways to protect the environment, waste less, and be more aware of our carbon footprint, we have created a solution that can save thousands of trees each year.

Q: What does your company do to reduce the effects of climate change?

A: Nearly 90% of all business cards end up in the trash. By using Yujj instead of paper business cards, we are reducing the amount of wasted paper each year. It is estimated that in the United States alone, 1 billion business cards are printed each year. This is equal to about 30,000 trees a year or about 500 hectares of forest. And that’s for the United States alone. Globally, it is estimated that 7.2 million trees are cut down each year for business cards.

Q: Is your company minority-owned? woman owned? If so, what are the challenges of being a minority- or woman-owned company?

A: We are a minority-owned company and are proud to be members of the National Minority Supplier Development Council and Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council.

Q: What does your company do regarding DE&I (diversity, equity & inclusion)?

A: We pride ourselves in being a global company grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe in promoting from within and giving all employees the opportunity to advance their careers within our company. We actively participate in the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. Our executive leadership team consists of three minority men and one woman.

Q: Does your company donate time or money to any philanthropic causes? If so, what causes?

A: We believe in giving back to our community. One of the local charities we support is “Little Friends” in Naperville. We donate time, money and this year, we donated furniture and computers so they could set up a conference room and supply computers to the children who benefit from their incredible work. In 2023, we are the platinum sponsor for their fundraising gala and dinner in March.

Q: Does your company do anything else to make your community better?

A: We support a wide array of community initiatives and encourage our employees to spend time outside of work volunteering and adding value to their local communities.

Q: What do you do to make your business a good place to work for your employees?

A: In 2022, we hosted World Cup watch parties in each office. We have Halloween contests, team dinners, holiday celebrations and recognition and celebration of employees who go above and beyond for our clients.

Q: What is one interesting fact about your company that most people may not know?

A: Our CEO came to the United States at 20 years old. He didn’t speak English, and he had $1,000 in his pocket. He has a passion for innovation and business productivity. After he completed his Master’s Degree, he set out to change the world of IT services and Business Process Management. Yujj is one of his many creations that allow people to work more efficiently and ensure companies maximize their resources. Now he leads by example and spends time mentoring employees within our company to help everyone achieve their goals and dreams.

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