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Boys Bowling Naperville North vs Naperville Central 11.23.2021

Naperville Central Boys Bowling faces rival Naperville North at the Fox Bowl, where the Redhawks emerge victorious. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Bowling balls are out for a crosstown showdown at the Fox Bowl. Naperville Central Boys Bowling comes after defeating Glenbard North while the Huskies tended to the Redhawks in their final matchup in February.

Game one

Central’s Nate Taverna gets things rolling in the first game as his two-pin spare gets a nice curve and a score of 207 on the first run.

Team-mate Ethan Rupp also got off to a hot start. He whips this ball down the lane and can knock over all the pins for the stroke. He finished the third-best score with a 570.

Here is Norths Josh Gunther who gets a nice role in his attempt. That results in a hit and a leading 162 game with a score for the Huskie.

Game two

For the second game with Centrals Tommy Kradenpoth continues his strong start to the season. A strike scores him 243 in the second game, which is the second best performance in the game for his team.

North gets help from Owen Perdew and that is a blow to the huskie. He bowls the second best total score with 503 for blue and orange.

Jake Gunther goes bowling here. This three-pin replacement helps get it to 496 points in the series, the second best for North.

However, every attempt by Central played a crucial role in the game. Aiden Lee hits himself on a strike and has the fourth best score at 554.

The second game ends with Nate Taverna playing spare bowling while knocking over the last pin.

Game three

This time in the third game he knocks them all down with a strike. Taverna got a 647, the highest score of the evening.

The best bowler in the north is Josh Gunther. He rolls a strike and ends with a 571.

Let’s finish with Kradenpoth from Central. He strikes from here and ends on a 608, which is the second best score for the Redhawks as they take care of the Huskies in all three games.

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