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Board Game Centered Around Chicago Rats to Launch in Logan Square Thursday – NBC Chicago

A board game that embraces Chicago’s status as the rattiest city in the country will be launching at an event in Logan Square on Thursday.

Target: Rats The Board Game, designed by local create studio Transit Tees, will debut at Emporium in Logan Square at an event from 6 pm to 10 pm, where Chicagoans can play the role of the rats they often encounter in their daily lives.

In the game, each player aims to build new nests, multiply their rat family and eventually be crowned Da Big Cheese, the game’s prize for a champion being a throne made of deep dish pizza.

Players will have to look through Chicago’s dumpsters and alleys for remainders of hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and tamales, but must also look out for cats, hawks and garbage trucks that serve as obstacles in the journey.

The game will be available online and at Transit Tees’ two locations in Wicker Park and Andersonville for $45 starting on Tuesday.

More information on the game and the launch can be found here.

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