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Biden touts economy, infrastructure during Chicago stop

CHICAGO — President Joe Biden was in Chicago Wednesday to address the economy and speak on the nation’s infrastructure plan.

Biden spoke before the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Convention at McCormick Place. The President spoke amid sagging approval ratings and an economy of high inflation, high gas prices, and ongoing supply chain problems. It’s an issue affecting most Americans as they spend more and get less. In front of supporters, Biden addressed those concerns.

“We inherited an economy on the brink of a Great Depression,” Biden said. “Millions of people are losing their jobs, losing their homes, but even more importantly losing hope. But look at the economy today: 8.3 million jobs in my first 15 months in the office. A record.”

Biden in Chicago area to discuss bigger role for farms due to Ukraine war

Biden has been a backer of labor since he first took office on Capitol Hill decades ago. In his remarks Wednesday, Biden doubled down on former President Donald Trump and his ardent supporters. The move comes as a mid-term elections approach, with the President saying he is in full campaign mode for Democrats.

As it pertains to big labor and its rank and file members, Wednesday’s speech was crowd-friendly, especially comments on the infrastructure bill and how it correlates to middle-class and working-class families.

“This year alone, Illinois will receive $1.9 billion in highway funding for roads and bridges, $297 million dedicated to funding for bridges that are in disrepair,” Biden said.

The President was set to attend a Democratic National Convention fundraiser before heading back to Washington DC

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