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Bears-49ers is being played on sloppy, awful grass at Soldier Field

Recently my 13-year old brother pitched to me a new idea for the NFL. “What if they played underwater,” he asked. I wondered what NFL football would look like if teams literally played underwater, like in a fish tank.

Well, the Bears and 49ers might answer that question for us.

Before Chicago and San Francisco square off in their respective first games of the season, the conditions at Soldier Field were … less than ideal:

The turf at Soldier Field is getting drenched in water due to basically a monsoon hitting Chicago. The National Weather Service has a flash flood warning in place for Cook County (where Chicago is located), and to expect up to four inches of rain.

The Bears staff are trying their best, pushing the water off the field like they’re shoveling snow:

On top of that, the Bears sideline also looks like the sideline guy had one too many modes during pregame:

Fans should look on the bright side, though. At least the Bears offense won’t be the most horrendous thing in Chicago now!

We’ll update this story as it develops.

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