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Autopsy details death of 6-year-old boy from north Chicago, prosecutors say he was killed by his family – NBC Chicago

Warning: details are graphic and annoying.

The 6-year-old boy from north Chicago, who authorities said was killed by his family and reported missing days later, died of hypothermia and was partially burned after he died, the coroner’s office said Tuesday.

The Lake County, northwest Indiana coroner office conducted Damari Perry’s autopsy Monday morning after the FBI found the boy’s body early Saturday, the coroner office said in a statement.

The autopsy revealed “scattered ecchymoses on the right leg, extremely cold core temperature and partially frozen internal organs,” said the coroner, adding that “post-mortem thermal injuries / charring” had occurred on the child’s body.

The coroner’s office said his pending cause of death was hypothermia and ruled it was murder.

The FBI found Damari’s body early Saturday morning in the alley between the 700 blocks of Harrison Street and Van Buren Avenues in Gary, Indiana, officials said. The coroner said his body was found naked and wrapped in a plastic garbage bag.

Damari’s mother and two siblings were charged in connection with his death, Lake County, Illinois prosecutors said Saturday, hours after the boy’s body was found.

His mother, Jannie Perry, 38, is charged with first degree murder and the covering up of murder. Damari Perry’s older brother, Jeremiah Perry, 20, has been charged with grievously assaulting a child under 12, hiding a murder, and obstruction of justice. A second minor sibling was arrested on charges of hiding the boy’s body.

Damari Perry was reported missing by family members on January 5.

Prosecutors said at a court hearing for Jeremiah Perry on Sunday that Damari Perry “did something to anger the family” on December 29, prompting family members to indefinitely put him under a cold shower as a punishment.

At some point Damari vomited and was then taken out of the shower, the prosecutor said. The boy eventually died and relatives did not request medical treatment, said officials, who said the family later brought his body to Indiana.

The family initially informed police on Jan. 5 that the boy and his 16-year-old sister had been driven by a man and a woman to a party in the Skokie area the night before, the FBI said.

Damari Perry’s sister said she had several drinks at the party and fell asleep, authorities said. When she woke up, the boy and the man were no longer in the home, the police were told.

The FBI issued a warning about the boy’s disappearance with these details, but the Lake County State Attorney’s Office later said the story was “completely wrong.”

After evidence contradicted the family history, investigators focused on the boy’s home in north Chicago, according to the Lake County State Attorney’s Office.

Information from witnesses then led to the discovery of Damari’s body in Gary, prosecutors said.

Additional charges could be brought after the autopsy is complete and as the investigation progresses, prosecutors said.

A judge on Sunday ordered Jeremiah Perry to be held on bail of $ 3 million, Lake County prosecutors said. Jannie Perry was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after saying she was sick, officials said, noting that she would be brought before a bailiff after she was released.

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