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Aurora, Other Midwest Cities Listed Among Safest in the US – NBC Chicago

A Chicago suburb was ranked among the safest cities in the country in a new ranking – and several Midwestern cities also made the cut.

Finance website Wallethub, released its list of safest cities in the US Monday, and Aurora, Illinois, made the top 40.

The west Chicago suburb ranked at no. 37 on the list. Also in the top-ranked cities were Madison, Wisconsin, at no. 13; Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at no. 22; and Fort Wayne, Indiana at no. 36.

Wallethub said its ranking looked at more than 180 cities in the country, using 42 “key indicators of safety.” The group included the 150 most populated US cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state.

The ranking used by what Wallethub said were “three key dimensions”: home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety. The key indicators ranged from percentage of people fully vaccinated to assaults per capita to unemployment rates to road quality and more.

“Threats to safety in the US come in many forms, from the continued presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters to mass shootings and traffic accidents,” the group stated.

Under the ranking, Columbia, Maryland, was listed as the safest city, followed by Nashua, New Hampshire, and Laredo, Texas.

Chicago was listed at no. 133 on the list and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at no. 155.

See the full ranking here.

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