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Annual Security Report reveals mixed crime trends

Content warning: This story contains mentions of sexual assault and violence.

Northwestern released its Annual Security Report on Thursday with 2021 crime and safety statistics for its campuses.

Several property crimes decreased in number compared to 2020 on the Evanston campus. Burglaries fell from six to two and robberies fell from three to zero, while motor vehicle thefts remained at four in 2021.

Other crimes involving relationship-based or sexual violence increased or stayed the same. Reported rapes rose from two to five, and University Police recorded one domestic violence case, compared to zero in 2020. Fondling cases remained constant at two. However, stalking reports fell from nine to one.

Liquor law violations referred to for disciplinary action drastically increased, rising from 99 to 185. The rise may reflect adjustment to pandemic conditions, as 2019 saw 229 cases.

At the Chicago campus, compared to 2020, robberies fell from 11 to 10, aggravated assaults decreased from 12 to seven and motor vehicle thefts jumped from 10 to 17. Domestic violence reports fell from six to five, and dating violence cases increased from four to six. Weapon law arrests increased from 13 to 14.

One fire occurred at a University residential facility in 2021: a cooking-related incident at Chapin Hall that cost less than $100 in property damage.

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