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All Happy Families filming in Chicago | Reel Chicago

Cassie Kramer, Eliza Shin, Chandra Russell, Haroula Rose, Michael Shannon, David Pasquesi

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Cassie Kramer, Eliza Shin, Chandra Russell, Haroula Rose, Michael Shannon, David Pasquesi

The cat is finally out of the bag and details about the film All Happy Families, which has been filming in the Chicago area since mid August, are now being shared on the official IMdb page!

Take a look at the long list of Chicago talent involved with this film.

Written by and directed by Chicago native Harula Rose and co-written by Coburn GossAll Happy Families follows the Landrys who are blindsided by news of their son’s behavior, and must rally to find their way amidst comical family dysfunction.

All Happy Families features several members of our local Chicago family including Second City alum David Pasquesi and Chicago native, whose screen credits include Groundhog Day, Strangers with Candy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Return to Me, The Ice Harvest, Veep, At Home with Amy Sedaris, Lodge 49, and The Book of Boba Fett.

Antoine McKay is another Second City alum who has written and starred in over 20 critically acclaimed shows with his most recent appearances in two Chicago hits, Empire and South Side.

Chandra Russellanother familiar face from the hit series, set and filmed in Chicago, South Side, “a Chicagoan til Chicago ends,” is also appearing in All Happy Families.

Cassie Kramerwho is known for Candyman, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire is also in the cast as Maureen Hoyt, along with another One Chicago alum and Chicago native Natalia Nogulich, who also appeared in Chicago Hope and Shameless.

Eliza Shin, who has been cast as Connie is also a Chicago local who started off as a physician, but while practicing medicine in Chicago, she followed her passion and studied acting and singing. She has accrued many credits on all major networks in both comedy and drama including several appearances on Chicago Fire.

All happy families also stars Colleen CampHow I met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor as Graham, John Ashton‘The Descendants’ Rob Hubel, Becky Ann Baker, Ivy O’Brien, Lena Drake as LeAnn, Grammy-winning artist Rodney Crowelland Elizabeth Chin.

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“This has been a dream collaboration from the beginning, when Coburn and I wrote the script and it started having its own life and momentum, organically bringing together this stellar cast and producing team to make it happen,” Rose told Deadline. “When the stars aligned for Josh Radnor to play Graham I was especially thrilled given our long term friendship. There is a musical element going on in the story too, as I intend to have in all the films I make.” The two previously worked together on How I Met Your Mother.

Acclaimed actor, producer, musician, and theater director, Michael Shannonwho also has family ties and history in Chicago, serves as Executive Producer alongside producers Liz Cardenas, ian keiser, Mary Munez, Haroula Rose other Coburn Goss. A Chicago Media Angels, Neon Heart Productions, Glass Bead FIlms, Lucky Number 8 Productions, Attic Light Films and Pogi Studios production.

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