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Aaron Rodgers denies dealing with a ‘COVID Toe’ injury – NBC Chicago

Aaron Rodgers may be struggling with a “COVID Toe Injury,” which originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Could Aaron Rodgers’ nagging toe injury be related to his recent fight with COVID-19?

It sounds crazy, but it just might be true. In his Tuesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers mentioned that he has a “COVID toe”.

The Wall Street Journal then published a story on Wednesday about “COVID toe” and how Rodgers is almost certain to handle it. COVID toe is a painful skin condition that results from the body’s immune response to COVID-19. Rodgers said his problem was with his bone.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback spoke to reporters Wednesday, clarifying that he has a broken toe and is awaiting an apology from the Wall Street Journal. He then proceeded to show his bare toe to reporters during the video call.

Green Bay is hosting the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday before Bye Week.

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