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A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter opening new vet clinic in Naperville

A Naperville pet shelter’s moving its vet clinic to a new building, allowing it to double the number of animals it can help.

Chris Yelle, executive director of the ADOPT (Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment) Pet Shelter, said its current shelter clinic provides basic care and spay/neuter services to animals in its care and those being housed by rescue organizations or owned by low-income families .

But demand for veterinary services is growing because most private veterinarians are too busy to provide backup help for rescues and shelters, prompting the no-kill shelter to expand what it offers by moving its clinic to 425 Industrial Drive, Yelle said. The site is across from where the shelter is located.

“We’re hoping to be able to provide a little bit more to our community and to our rescue partners as far as veterinary care goes for their pets and for the groups that are doing what we do and adopting out animals,” Yelle said.

The 2,000-square-foot clinic currently under construction will have two exam rooms, an X-ray room and a surgical suite for multiple concurrent surgeries as well as a recovery area, work area for staff, reception area and office space.

The added space, Yelle said, will allow ADOPT to help rescue groups with regular animal intake exams that may require X-rays, which they currently can’t provide.

“A lot of our rescue partners ask for X-rays because that can be quite costly for them to get taken care of at a private practice,” she said.

The expanded surgical suite also will allow ADOPT to perform twice as many surgeries, she said.

Plans are to multiply the types of veterinary services offered, such as adding heartworm treatments and dental care, and they’ll continue to offer vaccine and wellness clinics to the general public and low-income families, Yelle said.

At the existing clinic, more than 2,000 animals have received treatment as of Oct. 31, and “our hope would be to at least double that,” she said.

The shelter’s $400,000 expansion budget includes staffing, build-out and equipment costs.

“We’re trying to keep costs down by repurposing a lot of the equipment that we currently have,” Yelle said. “We’re looking at lots of ways to do this efficiently so that we’re not getting in over our heads, as far as that goes, because we always have to be mindful of that.”

With the clinic moving, space at the 420 Industrial Drive shelter will open up so they can take in more animals, she said.

ADOPT Pet Shelter's new veterinary clinic at 425 Industrial Drive in Naperville will allow them to offer more surgical services for their animals as well as those being housed by other shelters or owned by low-income families.

“We’re planning on having an actual training room for dogs, so we’re making some changes here as well,” Yelle said.

The new clinic will need more veterinarians and certified technicians, she said. And project funding is still needed, she said, “because the shelter does run strictly on donations and revenue from our adoptions and whatnot.”

There are naming opportunities are available — either a room or the clinic itself — for someone who wants to make a larger donation, Yelle said.

Giving Tuesday is Nov. 29, and that’s a chance for people to help nonprofits like ADOPT, she said.

Donations also can be made by contacting Yelle at [email protected] or by going to www.adoptpetshelter.org.

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