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3rd DUI For Joliet’s Wilcox Street Resident: Glasgow

JOLIET, IL — A 55-year-old Joliet man who lives in the 700 block of Wilcox Street spent the past week inside the Will County Jail in connection with his third DUI arrest. Will County prosecutors have charged Martin Gamino with four counts of aggravated driving under the influence, plus one count of driving while license revoked.

Joliet police hauled away Gamino in handcuffs on Oct. 1, and the arrest took place on the same street where Gamino resides: Wilcox Street. The criminal complaint indicates he was driving a Hyundai and did so at a time when his driver’s license was revoked for a violation.

According to the complaint, Gamino has previous DUI convictions in Illinois from February 2006 in Cook County and January 2008 also out of Cook County.

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Jail logs show that Gamino spent seven days in the county detention facility, and he was set free on Oct. 7, after posting 10 percent of his $25,000 bail.

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3rd DUI For Joliet’s Wilcox Street Resident: Glasgow

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