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Will Randy Flagler return as Capp?

If there is one thing we need in Chicago Fire season 11, it’s comedic relief. Cap and Tony offer that. Will Randy Flagler be back as Capp this season?

While we love the intensity of the calls, there needs to be some comedic relief now and then. Capp and Tony (played by real-life firefighter Tony Ferraris) are perfect for this. The two Squad 3 members constantly offer us a break from the events that are happening.

Just last season, they caused trouble for Mouch with their games. Their egg throwing led to Capp breaking the couch, giving Mouch and Ritter a mystery to solve. Of course, they couldn’t hide their guilt for too long, and there was no way they could blame it all on Tuesday!

Will anything change with Chicago Fire season 11? Will Capp still be around for some comedic relief? Will Randy Flager return to the series?

Is Capp back in Chicago Fire season 11?

There are absolutely no signs that Capp is going anywhere. Flagler has been in the series from the very beginning, and it doesn’t look like he’s interested in not bringing us the comedic relief in the series. And it’s not like he’s just been there for comedic relief. There was a storyline where he lost his sight for a bit, and we did fear the worse.

During the previous season, Capp introduced us to his new girlfriend. At first nobody believed that he was with someone, but then she turned up at the Firehouse. Will we get to see more of this relationship blossom?

Flager certainly made it clear that he was back on set. He is vocal on Twitter, sharing some behind-the-scenes videos and photos regularly. His latest was on Aug. 18 to share that he was back to filming with Tony Ferraris. It looks like there’s some sort of fire in a storage unit that Squad 3 is being called into.

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