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The Russian criminal campaign is continuing with large air strikes on infrastructure, energy and the environment.

A WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft assigned to the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron flies in the eye of Hurricane Ian Sept. 27, 2022. Ian is projected to make landfall in Florida after bringing hurricane conditions to Cuba. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Kristen Pittman)

As we prepared to welcome the New Year in Ukraine, Russia started one of the largest missile attacks of the war on energy infrastructure. At dawn, the sound of explosions was heard throughout cities and towns all over the country. the 69 cruise missiles as well as armed drones attacked civilian targets. Kyiv said was one of the most intense days of air strikes since the Kremlin started a campaign against Ukraine’s water, electricity and heating system, which as temperatures started to drop with the onset of winter have concentrated on power stations. The strikes on Thursday were the 10th large-scale bombardment of Ukraine’s power grid since the beginning of September.

Russian Vladimir Putin, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has employed the strategy to disarm the desire to fight among the civilian population by casting civilians in darkness and freezing in sub-zero temperatures as the battle enters its 10th month. According to Kyiv military, air defense units belonging to the Ukrainian military brought down 54 of the 69 cruise missiles fired by Russian forces. However, the latest wave of missiles left 90% of the city of Lviv in west Ukraine without electricity as per local officials as well as water supply seriously damaged. In Kyiv around 40% of residential buildings were left without electric power, Kyiv’s mayor Kyiv’s capital city, Vitali Klitschko, said.

A Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile struck Belarusian territory, according to BelTA The state news agency. It added that there were no reports of casualties. It is believed that the Belarusian Defense Ministry is investigating whether the missile was shot down through its system of air defense or whether the missile missed its target.

As dawn broke over Kiev The hum of missiles, and the gray trail were seen across the sky. Alarms for air raids have earlier alerted Kiev that the capital along with the rest of the country, was under alert for a missile attack. In Thursday’s attacks, 16 of the projectiles fired by Moscow specifically targeted the Ukrainian capital city, and all of them were blocked by anti-aircraft defences, according to the Kyiv officials. In the end, shell fragments struck two houses, a children’s playground and a factory, which injured three people, including a 14-year-old as per the Mayor’s office.

Russian strikes also destroyed infrastructure located in port cities like Odesa as well as the cities in northern Russia in Zhytomyr as well as Kharkiv. Several buildings, even a power line and gas pipeline were damaged in bombardment on the outskirts the central city of southern Zaporizhzhia as per the governor of the region, Oleksandr Staruj. In Kherson that was liberated in November by Ukrainian force in late November and has been the target of extensive shelling during the past few days, a missile hit a medical facility, according to local authorities, injuring two patients. “They imagine that Ukrainians will be celebrating their New Year in darkness and frigid temperatures. However, they are not able to defeat the Ukrainian citizens,” Kyiv’s Defense Ministry announced on social networks.


A power plant located in Kyiv burned after an attack from a drone on the night of December 19 2022. A power plant located in Kyiv burned after a drone attack on December 19th, 2022. 
The latest batch of air strike was conducted by at most two warships and 13 strategic bombers carrying cruise missiles as per the Ukrainian Air Force. Before the missiles began to pour down, Moscow sent waves of Iranian-made Shahed drones that are suicide, and are deployed by Russian troops in an effort to deter Ukrainian air defense groups ahead of subsequent missile strikes. thirteen drones was sent against Kharkiv eleven of which were taken down, according local officials. In Dnipro which is a city that plays a crucial role located in central country that is also a logistics as well as communications hub Five drones were destroyed in the midst of a missile attack before they were fired. The Ukrainian Army’s southern command has reported that three Russian military vessels carrying missiles have taken on positions of combat in the Black Sea.

Ukrainian Presidency Volodymyr Zelenskiy warned a few days ago that Russia had plans for large-scale attacks during the Christmas vacation. “With the approaching holiday season, Russian terrorists may become active again,” he warned. “They despise Christian values and any values in general.”

The strikes on Thursday came just days after a drone attack on the Russian strategically bomber base of which Moscow is conducting raids against critical Ukrainian infrastructure. Three Russian soldiers were killed during an attack that revealed cracks in Moscow’s anti-aircraft defences. The second drone raid executed in the Engels airbase that is located in the Saratov area, which is many miles away from the Ukrainian border. As it had done after previous attacks on bases in Russian territorial waters The Ukrainian government employed cryptic language, falling short of attributing these strikes to the country’s own army while insisting they are a direct consequence of the war waged by the Kremlin.

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