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The Damari Perry family, Jannie M. Perry and Jeremiah R. Perry attempted to punish him from death and hid the body in Gary: Prosecutors

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (WLS) – The family of a 6-year-old boy whose body was found in Gary Friday wanted to punish him last month before the child died; They then attempted to dispose of his body in Indiana, Illinois, prosecutors said in court on Sunday.

Damari Perry’s mother was charged with murder, according to police. Two of the boy’s siblings were also charged with hiding his body.

In court on Sunday on December 29, 2021, prosecutors said Damari’s mother Jannie M. Perry had told relatives that the boy should be punished for something he had done. According to the prosecutor, the boy was given cold showers for an extended period of time. According to the prosecutor, he vomited and stopped responding.

Jannie and Jeremiah Perry, the child’s older brother, then discussed how to dispose of the boy’s body and took him to Indiana, prosecutors said on Sunday.

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Investigators said Damari Perry’s body was found Friday night near an abandoned house on Van Buren Street near Seventh Avenue in Gary.

On Wednesday the family had called to report the boy might be missing in Skokie, but investigators said they quickly focused on the boy’s home in north Chicago after evidence disproved the family’s history .

“Prosecutors, investigators and victim support staff have worked late into the night and early in the morning to make sure we understand this tragic crime now. Because of their rigorous and detailed investigations, we will be able to bring Damari’s killers to justice. ” “Said Lake County Attorney Eric Rinehart.

Jannie M. Perry has been charged with first degree murder, concealing a murder, and obstruction of justice. She is on trial on Monday.

Jeremiah Perry, the boy’s 20-year-old brother, appeared in court on Sunday and is being held on $ 3 million bond. He was also denied contact with family members. He is charged with grievous bodily harm, a murder and obstruction of justice when his brother dies.

A third family member, identified only as a minor sibling, is also charged, officials said.

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“That is irreplaceable. It is not replaceable! We can’t go back and get a new Damari, ”said the boy’s cousin, Dreena Driver. “We are all shocked! We all disbelieve! We all don’t understand how she could let it get this far.

Damari Perry was the youngest of five children from Dalvin Driver.

“I’m lost, man. I feel like I lost part of myself when I got that call, ”said the boy’s father. “He was the best you could ever have for the time I had to spend with him. It was one of the best times I’ve had in my life. He was just my life, man in the room and everyone loved him! “

The FBI participated in an interdepartmental search last week for the boy who was allegedly missing under “unusual circumstances”.

“Why should a person hurt a child, my child at that,” said Driver. “(It’s) was like a nightmare that ended yesterday when they told me my son wasn’t coming home.”

Additional charges may arise in the course of the investigation, prosecutors added.

“I pray that God has no mercy on any of their souls for what they did to him for hurting my entire family,” added Dreena Driver.

An autopsy is planned for Monday, the officials said.

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