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The creators of Chicago Party Aunt reveal the story behind their choice of Diane – NBC Chicago

Chicago Party Aunt made its Netflix debut, and many native Chicagoans will recognize her voice.

But the actress behind the famous party aunt isn’t really from Chicago. In fact, she is Canadian.

Lauren Ash is no stranger to the Windy City, however, and it was during her time on the city’s comedy scene that she met some of the creators and stars of Chicago Party Aunt.

“We’ve all known Lauren forever,” Jon Barinholz told NBC Chicago Today. “When I was mopping the floors in Second City, Lauren was on stage as one of the stars and she had two skits that were like that, she’s playing a Chicago character, and we all knew, ‘Oh, Lauren can do one Chicago accent kill. ‘ And it’s not too dissimilar to a Canadian accent. ”

Ash, who starred in Superstore with Barinholz, said her ability to perfect the Chicago accent for her character Diane Dunbrowski came from “survival.” It’s a plot that follows the biography of Chicago Party Aunt’s own motto: “If life gives you lemons, turn this around! [expletive] in Mike’s Hard Lemonade. “

“I was there on the main stage of Second City for two years, so I started picking up Chicago isms almost out of survival,” she said. “When it came time to become Diane, it became second nature. I thought, ‘Oh, I remember that.'”

The adult animated series on Netflix is ​​based entirely on a popular and provocative Twitter account, according to creator and Illinois-based Chis Witaske, a long-time veteran of Chicago comedy.

Also involved in production are Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich and brothers Jon and Ike Barinholtz, both of whom have strong ties to the Chicago comedy scene.

“Chicago Party Aunt” announced the show on social media over the summer with a tweet that read “Holy.” read [expletive]! Netflix just bought the rights to my life! Does anyone have a password that I can borrow? ”

Over the years, the Chicago Party Aunt Twitter account has gained more than 58,000 followers, where she shares her thoughts on Chicago events and news from the area – and sports -.

While the Chicago Party Aunty’s not afraid of getting caught up in controversy, there is one story that makers hope they hope for down to the finest detail: their baseball loyalties.

On the show, Chicago Party Aunt is a Cubs fan, but that’s not the whole story, according to Jon and Ike Barinholz.

“We understand this is a delicate situation and we think Diane is very similar to us in that she is a true Chicagoer,” Ike Barinholz told Chicago Today. “We’re also happy when the White Sox did well, as our father preferred the White Sox, so we went to the White Sox games. When the White Sox won the World Series, it was one of the greatest days of all time. So we think Diane can exist in both realms and then we don’t make anyone to be made. ”

True to this message, the popular Twitter account even rooted for the White Sox during their last playoff run.

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