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The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is postponing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate deadline to allow more time for voluntary compliance

COOK COUNTY, Illinois (WLS) – Cook County MPs have more time to meet the COVID vaccine mandate.

The sheriff’s office has decided to postpone the term of office to give employees more time to take pictures, officials said on Friday morning.

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“The sheriff’s office has seen a noticeable increase and positive response from employees reporting vaccinations. In addition, during the discussions on the mandate, the unions have asked for more time to review voluntary compliance by employees, “the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

October 17th was set as the execution date.

“The sheriff’s office staff have worked hard to manage COVID and we will be monitoring our COVID situation in the office very closely as these negotiations progress,” the statement said.

It does so as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot stands up and urges all city officials to report their vaccination status as of Friday despite the Chicago Police Union being dismissed.

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On Thursday, the mayor filed a complaint against the Fraternal Order of Police and its president for engaging in, assisting and encouraging a work stoppage or strike, which they deny. The union continues to threaten legal action against the mandate.

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