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Teenagers charged with murder in Schaumburg a month after prosecutors initially dismissed charges

More than a month after prosecutors initially dismissed the charges, a teenage boy was charged with a fatal knife stabbing in Schaumburg, which was taped.

Schaumburg Police said the charges were finally brought against a 17-year-old boy after further evidence was uncovered in the fatal stabbing of Manuel Porties, 18, on September 28.

A popular video of the stabbing showed the two fighting each other that night in a driveway on the 600 block of Sturnbridge Lane. Porties was stabbed and pronounced dead several times during the fight.

A murder charge against the teenager was initially dismissed “because of insufficient evidence at the time,” police said in a statement.

The victim’s father, Manuel Porties Sr., told news outlets that prosecutors described the teenagers as “mutual fighters.” But he insisted that his son wasn’t the main aggressor and had agreed to a fight with the other teenage boy without weapons, Porties Sr. told the Daily Herald.

Porties Sr. said the teenagers were part of the same group of friends but were at odds before the knife fight.

In a statement, Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx cited the police-prosecutor’s collaboration on the case “an example of the system working effectively to bring justice to the Porties family and the people of Cook County”.

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