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Tango coming to Evanston – Evanston RoundTable

Tango is coming to Evanston for one night on Friday, Oct. 14

This new production from Uruquay, Volver features past world champion dancers from the most prestigious international tango competition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Evanston is having the United States premiere of this 10-city tour by the company Tango Lovers thanks to the personal connection of Mateo Mulcahy, Deputy Executive Director of the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago and Pierina Asti-Schultz, producer and director of Volver.

“We have gold coming here for the standard of seeing tango. Such opportunities are rare,” Mulcahy said.

Asti-Schultz personally chose the musicians, dancers and singers.

“The musical director, Lautaro Greco, has three Grammy awards and is one of the top four bandoneon players in the world,” she said.

She explained that in addition to Tango being dance, it is also music and song. The bandoneon, a small square concertina, is played especially in Latin American for tango music.

The pianist, Emiliano Greco is a young composer who has been the musical director for some of the most important tango houses in Argentina.

Among the dancers are Florencia Zarate & Guido Palacio, and Jose Fernandez, past world Tango dance champions.

The singers are young. Asti-Schultz said this production is about combining traditional tango with contemporary influences. “Ache Rey is one of the most relevant young voices in the tango scene today,” she said.

In keeping with the concept of integrating the traditional with the new, Tango Lovers describes “Volver as a multi-media extravaganza with music, dance, lights and a wide screen with ongoing visuals.”

Volver has a story intertwined with the musical performance. Besides Volver being an iconic composition of tango music, the theme of this production connects to the translation of Volver, meaning to come back or go back, to return.

Tango Lovers explains: “Volver tells the story of a group of emigrants who leave their native country and after traveling the world and learning about new culture, they return years later. During that time, tango becomes their sign of their identity which they proudly decide to show to the world.”

“Our production explores the feelings of nostalgia and longing for one’s homeland as represented by the traditional tango performances and the excitement and awakening to a new world and a new life as represented by new interpretations of tango dance, song and music, “Asti-Schultz said.

As far as I can tell, here is a chance for tango lovers to see the best of the craft and, at the same time, for those curious about and attracted to the mystery and magic of tango to be introduced at the highest and most entertaining level.

Nichols Concert Hall, Music Institute of Chicago
1490 Chicago Ave., Evanston
friday october 14
7pm – 10pm

Tickets are $45 general admission, $40 for members of the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago. Buy them here.

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