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Sublette checker | Swimmers make the hectic weekend optimal

WYOMING – Winter storms and sudden schedule changes kept the Sublette County’s boys’ swim team busy over a busy weekend.

The team rose to the challenge and scored a 108:50 win over Kemmerer in Big Piney on Thursday January 7th. Due to the weather, Lyman and Lander were unable to participate.

Sublette County won eight out of eleven events on Thursday.

Big Piney Senior JT Day scored a victory in diving with 141.35 points

Big Piney runner-up Ryen Hacklin took gold in the 200 individual medley and finished the race in 2 minutes and 45.43 seconds. Hacklin finished second in the 100 breaststroke with 1: 26.85.

Owen Nielson, a junior at Big Piney, won the 400 freestyle with a time of 4: 14.69.

Sublette County’s teams beat Kemmerer every season. Andy DeClue, Day, Hunter Scott and Nielson took first place in the 200 layer relay with a time division of 2: 10.70.

Day, sophomore John Ruby, freshman Calleb Willson, and Hacklin took a win in the 200 Freestyle Relay at 2:09:44 PM.

The 400 freestyle relay came all the way. Nielson, DeClue, Hacklin and Scott displaced the competition by four tenths of a second and took the win at 4: 32.33.

The road closings over South Pass, due to take place in Cody on Friday, forced Sublette County to change plans. The coaches made multiple calls and were invited to attend the Green River Invite, which saw Sublette County rank fourth with 208 points.

One of the highlights was a third place for Nielson in the 200 individual medley at 2: 29.87.

Declue, Hacklin, Nielson and Day finished second in the 400 freestyle relay with a time of 3: 50.26.

The weather again disrupted plans to travel to Powell on Saturday and the team competed at the Evanston Invite.

Scott, Willson, DeClue and Nielson finished second in the Evanston 200 freestyle relay with a time of 1: 43.43.

“To say this week has been challenging but fun is an understatement,” said coach Kursty Day. “Our boys had a great meeting in Green River and most of them made time for their one-on-one events. On Saturday at Evanston the divers had their first meeting with 11 dives. Both JT Day and Hayden Flint showed improvements in their diving skills. The swimmers showed a lot of courage in their ability to compete for three days in a row and lost times or stayed constant with the current time. I am very proud of the swimmers and divers. “

“With a few quick adjustments to our location, we were able to swim against great competition,” said coach Ambr Seemann. “On three days of competition, every single one of our swimmers and divers showed their real strength.”

More Big Piney individual results – Kemmerer Duel

Sage Mahaffey took third place in the 200 individual medley with a time of 3: 12.89.

Ruby finished sixth in the 50s freestyle in 30.84 seconds ahead of Logan Visser in ninth place in 1: 02.91.

Day finished the 100 freestyle in third place with a time of 1: 09.34. Mahaffey finished fifth in the 100th breaststroke with a 1: 40.67.

More Big Piney Findings – Green River

Ruby finished the 200 freestyle in 10th place with a time of 2: 24.70. Hacklin took fourth place in the 200-medley medley at 2:30:18 pm.

In the 50s Freestyle Day took eighth place with 26.17 seconds, followed by Mahaffey in 14th place with 27.46 seconds and Visser in 40th place with 52.53 seconds.

Day took sixth place in diving with 132.25 points.

Hacklin finished ninth in the 100 butterfly at 1:15:31. Visser finished 25th in the 100 freestyle time with a time of 2: 14.75.

Nielson finished sixth in the 500 freestyle at 6:02:31. Ruby finished 17th in the back of 100 with a time of 1: 24.44.

Mahaffey finished 15th in the breaststroke with a time of 1: 30.30.

More Big Piney Results – Evanston

Hacklin finished ninth in the 200 freestyle with 2: 19.31, followed by Mahaffey in 13th place with 2: 27.78.

Ruby finished 16th in the 50’s freestyle in 28.41 seconds.

Day was sixth in diving with 227.55 points.

Nielson finished 10th in the 100 butterfly ranking with a time of 1: 11.19. Nielson finished eighth in the 100 back at 1: 09.91.

Hacklin took fourth place in the 500 freestyle with a time of 6: 30.06.

Ruby rounded off the result with a 15th place in the 100 breaststroke at 1: 32.12.

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