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Portillo’s to Make Significant Change to Drive-Thru Ordering. Here’s What to Expect – NBC Chicago

With 2023 newly underground, an iconic chain restaurant based out of the Chicago area is switching up the process to the swift drive-thru ordering the establishment has become known for.

Portillo’s announced on Tuesday that all locations will be transitioning to cashless payments in the drive-thru, aiming to speed up the ordering process and provide more safety for employees.

The change is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 16, with cash payments still accepted for customers who are entering the restaurant to pay for their food.

According to Portillo’s, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted as methods of payment for drive-thru customers.

Originally based exclusively in the Chicago area, Portillo’s now has locations in Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Arizona and California.

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