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Paranoia is a rational response to a world gone mad

Paranoia is the better part of bravery, at least in our day. Our time is a time of rampant crime: robberies, car thefts, looting of shops and arbitrary murders. I was not directly affected by all of these looting, but when I hear about it on TV and radio news, get online flashes about it on my cell phone, and stories from friends, I am affected, as I suspect most people are.

The other day at 7 I left to pick up dinner at a restaurant that is less than 100 meters from our apartment building. I walked cautiously on the deserted street to the restaurant, and when I came back and used my key fob to get back into our building, I heard myself breathe a sigh of relief. I live in Evanston, Illinois, the first suburb north of Chicago, a traditionally peaceful place that was once known as the country of the Blue Pup Widow.

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