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Naperville Park District ‘2022 Community Interest and Opinion Survey Report’ now available online

The Naperville Park District Administrative Offices are located just down the block from Centennial Beach along Jackson Avenue. (NPD Photo, 2019)

For nearly 140 years, members and guests have found fun in the summer sun at historic Centennial Beach in the heart of Naperville. Today “The Beach” is programmed and operated by the Naperville Park District. (PN Photo, June 2022)

A report of the results of the recent Community Interest and Opinion Survey conducted for the Naperville Park District is now available online at www.napervilleparks.org/about/plansandsurveys/communitysurvey.

The board of commissioners reviewed the report at their regular meeting on Thurs., June 23. The findings are based on responses from 508 Naperville households that comprised a random sample designed to be a statistically valid representation of the community’s interests and opinions.

The Park District commissioned a Qity Research and Insights, an independent firm in Evanston, Illinois, to administer the survey. The survey asked residents about their recreation needs and their views regarding the Park District’s programs, parks, facilities and services. Following the completion of the random survey, the same survey was made available to the public on the District’s website. A total of 537 respondents completed this public survey and the results are included in the Appendix of the report, displayed side by side with the results of the random survey.

Overview of survey results

Results of the survey will help guide the Park District as it updates its strategic plan and master plan this year.

Some of the key points in the executive summary are as follows:

The District’s average esteem rating is the highest since 2009 at 8.4/10.

Over 97% of respondents reported that a household member visited a park or facility in the past 24 months.

· Among indoor facilities tested, an indoor track remains in greatest demand.

· The key values ​​of health and wellness, public safety and accessibility are deemed the most important of the District’s core values.

· Residents continue to rely mostly on the District’s website and digital Program Guide for information, followed by District mailings and email newsletters.

Report submitted by Sue Omanson for the Naperville Park District.

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