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Most of the region’s communities buck the national murder trend | crime and courts

Gunshot wounds were the cause of death in 86.4% of the 103 confirmed homicides in Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties in 2021, up from about 81% of cases in 2020. The cause or manner of death in three cases in 2021 remained undecided.

Firearms were used in 44 of Gary’s 48 murders, 15 of Hammond’s 16 counts, 12 of East Chicago’s 13 counts, five of Michigan City’s six counts, and all three of Merrillville’s confirmed murders. Merrillville Police Department did not respond to a request for comment regarding a possible fourth murder that also involved a gun.

The manner of death also remained pending in a Porter County Sheriff’s Police case involving two men whose deaths were caused by gunshot wounds.

Blunt trauma was a cause of death in eight homicides in 2021, up from nine in 2020. Five people were stabbed in 2021, up from three in 2020. In one case in Michigan City, a woman died from chemical poisoning, officials said.

The number of children dying from homicide fell in 2021 after rising for three consecutive years.

Six children were killed in northwestern Indiana in 2021, up from 15 in 2020, 12 in 2019 and four in 2018, data showed.

Three of the children killed in 2021 died at the hands of family members, according to police and court records.

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