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Lemont 12-Year-Old Is 3v3 Soccer National Champion

LEMONT, IL — Lemont soccer player Madison Weil had quite a successful Thanksgiving break, as the 12-year-old brought home a National Championship for her 3v3 soccer team.

Weil, who is a sixth grader at Old Quarry, plays for Blue Fire, a 3v3 soccer team out of Naperville.

Madison’s mom, Asli Weil, told Patch that Madison’s team won the National Championship in Palm Springs, Florida, last month for the second year in a row.

“A ton of time, work and dedication has been poured into achieving this ultimate goal,” Asli said. The Naperville team defeated teams from across the country to become National Champions.

For those who may not be familiar with 3v3 soccer, Madison’s dad, Matt, described 3v3 as “faster-paced, more intense and difficult.”

There is no goalie, there are no offsides, and there are smaller nets. The quick-paced format has two 10-minute halves, and there are no time-outs, Weil said.

“In 3v3 game, even the slightest mistake can cost you,” Weil said. “It all happens very fast and any player or team that isn’t skilled, tough or ready can get beat.”

Matt said Madison has been a “standout” player since she was 5 years old. The 12-year-old athlete plays on a club soccer team, the 3v3 team and a futsal team (another quick-paced format).

Gifted with “blazing speed,” Madison had worked to develop her foot skills and awareness, Matt told Patch.

“Madison got into 3v3 soccer after being recruited by Coach Kevin McBride to play on his Blue Fire team about two years ago,” he said, adding that the coach has worked tirelessly to help Madison.

“She loves the fast pace play and for sure throwing the sweet move that gets a score.”

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