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Legal system turned upside down

The Daily Herald put it in a nutshell in its assessment of Cook County’s unacceptable performance by Prosecutor Kim Foxx. However, reading Ms. Foxx’s answer to the editorial requires a complete lifting of disbelief.

Let us start with the question of why your hate speech, which is almost 450 words long, is allowed to exceed the 300 word limit of the Herald’s “Your View”. In defense of the Herald, one can only imagine the arrows of boldness that would have landed in the editorial staff if they had cut a single word of their high-handed inflammatory speech. I suspect key celebrity guys like Ms. Foxx need more space to defend their stellar adventure in selective law enforcement.

Instead of adopting every criticism, she immediately disseminates it among the more than 700 deputy prosecutors in her office. What’s up with Harry’s “The buck stop here!”?

How did we get here? Put simply, Kim Foxx and several like-minded far-left prosecutors were installed as compliments from George Soros. I’m sure Mr Soros is proud to adopt the new look that will scare law-abiding citizens to death.

Prior to this new age justice system, criminals were taken off the streets, Smollett-like hate jokes were not overlooked, and local residents did not flee cities that used an upside-down justice system.

I remember when we were rooted in a judicial system that deterred crime, punished criminal behavior, and kept residents safe. We now feel the feeling of fear like never before. We see physical injury crimes such as beatings, shootings, car thefts, and smash-and-grab festival events that are common in our communities and use the consistent “revolving door” justice system that rewards bad behavior.

Aren’t we lucky that Kim Foxx and her 700+ minions deal the cards?

Lewis Landry


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