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Ceres by the sculptor Carl Heber. (Photo by Gay Riseborough)

Goddesses rule the northwest gardens. The Northwestern campus is home to numerous sculptures and statues in the two sunken gardens at either end of the iconic Charles Deering Memorial Library, built in 1933.

Rank and File | World Chess Championship Preview: Could Carlsen Lose? Keith Holzmüller gives an outlook on the upcoming game between the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia.

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“Stop the Violence”: Family leads march in memory of Ryan Bost. at. Family and friends gathered Saturday to plead for justice for Bost, the former ETHS basketball star and 20-year-old who was killed in Rogers Park a year ago.

Thousands of Illinois families could miss out on monthly child tax breaks. Families eligible for an extended child tax credit may not have received it automatically if they did not earn enough money in previous years to file tax returns.

At Vaccination Day in Chicago, with 20,000 vaccinations given, the most doses were given in 6 months. CPS students had a free day on Friday as part of a vaccination campaign that ended with great success.

In the United States, 25% of newspapers have ceased operations and 2,000 community newspapers have closed in the past 15 years. The vacuum created by the decline of local journalism is a serious threat to democracy. Our democracy relies on a free press to educate the public.

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