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Illinois Primary 2022 Voting Guide

The Illinois 2022 primary election is Tuesday, June 28. Primary elections are held to nominate a party’s candidate to run in the November general election.

We’ve compiled this voter guide on who’s running in selected races: statewide offices; for Congress; the State Legislature and Cook County contests. Judicial races and contests for party offices and referendum questions are not included.

Picking a party primary ballot

Voters do not have to declare a party in advance. A voter can only cast a ballot in one party’s primary.

What’s new this year

Voters may find themselves in new districts because of new maps for congressional, state House, state Senate, county and judicial offices based on the 2020 Census. Because the 2022 primary is the first under the new maps, every candidate in those races is running in a redrawn district.

How to find your district

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