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Illinois Leaks | Court Grants Motion to Unseal Dana Davenport DUI Case Files –

Naperville, IL. (ECWd) –

Today’s 10:00 am Hearing on our Motion to Intervene, seeking the unsealing of the February 2022 arrest records and reports of Dana Davenportwhich was granted in our favor.

The State’s Attorney’s office was no longer in favor of keeping the records sealed in the light of the public’s right to know.

Davenport’s attorney argued the records should remain sealed until the Court Supervision expired in October of 2023.

Our Attorney, Brendan Healeyargued the records should be released now, since Davenport did plead guilty last fall, and there was no longer any chance of adversely impacting a jury trial.

The Court agreed and granted our Motion to Intervene and Unseal the records by lifting his March 9, 2022, Order originally sealing the records. The Court also agreed to revisit the destruction of those records at a hearing in October 2023.

We had previously sent a FOIA request to the City of Naperville Police Department for those records, which was denied citing the original Order sealing the records. We will submit another FOIA request now that the order is lifted.

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